Tortoise makes it easy!

You can track everything within the app. Your goals. Your ambitions. Your dreams. All trackable in one place.

In using Tortoise, you’ll unlock your full potential NOW through 3 easy steps.

  1. Assess: A simple assessment test will guide you through seven different life areas. When the test is complete you will have immediate results that will help you determine the areas of your life needing the most attention.
  2. Plan: Next, you will be guided through the process of defining your goals in a systematic way that makes success achievable. Your goals will be broken down into daily rituals (items that need to become routine in order for you to achieve success), and action items (one-time actions).
  3. Track : Using the app you will track your progress every step of the way to ensure success. Based upon your results you’ll be able to see areas of your life that need further adjustment for maximum performance.
Tortoise is built upon the timeless principle that slow and steady wins the race. Life change does not happen overnight. Neither do successes. Rather, it’s a constant, systematic approach that leads to dreams being achieved.


Winners are trackers.

Look around you! The best athletes track their workouts. The wealthy track their finances. The healthy track their calories. The successful track their goals. To win at life, you have to track everything. Fail to do so, and you will eventually suffer in one or multiple areas in your life. You need Tortoise!

The Big Race Example

Life is supposed to be fun so why not goal setting? This chart tracks all progress in all 7 categories (or less if the user chooses). Successful sections will light up green where unsuccessful categories will light up red. Moderate … Continue reading

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Weekly Review Example

Success is built around the idea of tracking. Enter the Weekly Review. This is where you can track how you performed each week and measure it against the goals you set for yourself.

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Assessment Example

Creating an accurate life plan revolves around asking the right questions. We have provided a career assessment tool to tackle that exact need.

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