This is Tortoise. We will help you plan your life. Let’s do this thing!

We Want to Pick a Fight!

We’re here to pick a fight. Not with you. Not with them. We’re here to pick a fight with mediocrity. It’s time to kill laziness. It’s time to end excuses. It’s time to shut up and step up. So no matter what others have predicted. Today is your day to start kicking tail and taking names. Today is your day to unleash your full potential. We’re glad you are here.

What it comes down to...


If we’re really going to boil it down, this is the whole enchilada. Without disturbance, change will never happen. Plain and simple. If one is not angry…if one is not pissed off…one will not change. You need to get disturbed.


Clarity is born from disturbance. This is where senses become heightened and vision becomes clear. It’s at this critical juncture where new associations and habits are born. It’s where the life plan begins.


Once the senses are wide awake and goals have been established, it’s time to get into the heavy lifting. This is where a deep dive into tracking and rewarding takes place.

Take a look under the shell...

The Big Race Example

Life is supposed to be fun so why not goal setting? This chart tracks all progress in all 7 categories (or less if the user chooses). Successful sections will light up green where unsuccessful categories will light up red. Moderate … Continue reading

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Weekly Review Example

Success is built around the idea of tracking. Enter the Weekly Review. This is where you can track how you performed each week and measure it against the goals you set for yourself.

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Assessment Example

Creating an accurate life plan revolves around asking the right questions. We have provided a career assessment tool to tackle that exact need.

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